Jennifer holds a B.A. in both Psychology and Spanish from SUNY Geneseo and a M.S. Ed in Counselor Education: School Counseling from SUNY Brockport. After ten years as a high school counselor in the NYS public education system, Jennifer became discouraged that high school counselors simply do not have the time during the school day to provide students and their families with the level of support required to successfully navigate the college planning process. She is currently an Adjunct Professor at RIT where she teaches and individually coaches first-year students how to be successful through the college journey; a perforance coach through Chariot Learning  where she teaches mindfulness-based skills to students to help them combat test- and performance-related anxiety; and a college coach at Next Step U where she helps students determine their next steps in the college and career planning processes.

​Jennifer began practicing yoga in 2004 to stretch while she was training for a marathon. She was immediately drawn to the way her mind and body felt after her first classes - centered, peaceful, strong, and lengthened. With each subsequent practice, she found that her yoga journey began to exponentially open physical, emotional, and spiritual doors. 

While working on a bullying issue with two high school girls, Jennifer realized that the thoughts she was sharing had been delivered to her the day before in a yoga class. The power in which this realization struck her was the catalyst that led her down the path to teach. Jennifer completed her 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher certification in 2012 under the instruction of Aimee Senise Bohn and Randi Lattimore at Midtown Athletic Club. She loves to share how yoga unites our mind and body, how it helps us to slow down and soften, and how it allows us to grow stronger and take a deeper breath. Jennifer's current schedule includes classes at CNY Healing Arts and the Jewish Community Center

In addition to yoga, Jennifer enjoys running, reading, being outside, and farmers markets. She loves spending time with her husband and young son. 

About Jennifer


"Jen was a life saver! She helped my daughter navigate the college application process with minimal stress and anxiety. She established a workable timeline and helped my senior organize her thoughts and produce insightful answers to her application questions. I highly recommend working with Jen!"

​Kathy, Rochester, NY

"I met with Jen for mindfulness training. Truly, the sessions were so enjoyable, and I learned some exercises that I could apply not only to my standardized test taking by to my entire life! My test scores improved significantly after meeting with Jen, and I am sure that her training was a meaningful contribution to the positive results. A fantastic unexpected outcome of the improved scores is the generous financial offers from the colleges to which I've applied - the improved scores translated into really generous scholarship money! My parents' investment in my college has already paid off, literally. 

I liked working with Jen so much that I started taking one of her yoga classes, and now my mom takes the class with me!"

Lauren, Rochester, NY